Insanity Alert (2024)

Musicvideo Nr. 9 together with the one and only Insanity Alert! Love to work with them, best dudes, fun only! Super fast session. More to come.

IGERL (2023)

2nd Video with IGERL, always fun! 

Jagger Holly (2023)

I love Jagger Holly Tunes, super fun music and the whole Band is lovely. Easy Video.

IGERL (2023)

This dude <3 Super big Crew #not... 2 dudes, 2 locations. Nice shoot, one night edit. One man show. I love projects like this! 

Formlos (2022)

Super nice day with some lovely people. One day production. Just a dream-visualizer. We got lucky with the snowy day. The rewinds look even better with all the snow flakes. 

Insanity Alert (2021)

Yes, we did it again. I made a video with this crazy dudes. Open for everything thrash. Love it.

CLERQ (2021)

A VHS-Dream i had while listening to CLERQ. Love this dude and his super crazy sound.

Insanity Alert (2018)

Thanks "Whiteroom Prod" for the cooperation! Super fun times shooting this at "die Bäckerei"! 

Insanity Alert (2019)

Live Footage from Tour - just a fun cut!

Sweatpants Party (2019)

They had some time between Soundcheck and Showtime :)

Jagger Holly (2018)

Awesome Song by Jagger Holly, some Tour Footage mixed up with some Party-Footage!


Indian Air (2018)

Sitar auf Tirolerisch! Danke 

Werner Pirchner.

Insanity Alert (2017)

Gefilmt wurde diesmal von der Band und Fans. Post by mugs. Wildester Party-Clip-Mix!

EastEnd (2017)

Easy Clip für eine Band mit extrem feiner Musik!
Super Zeit mit total gemütlichen Menschen.

Insanity Alert (2016)

Zum 4.Mal gemeinsam beim drehen. Thrashin'Greenscreen'Action vom feinsten! Super Fun!

Insanity Alert (2013)

Die Typen sind richtig krank drauf. Demendsprechend lustig war auch der Dreh. TRASH TRASH TRASH

The Mugwumps (2018)

Punk Rock from Tirol! LOVE IS OUT! Super fun time filming/editing this!

HI5 (2018)

Bäriges Musikvideo für die Tiroler Band HI5 !

Minimal / Jazz / Chamber / Music

Indian Air (2017)

Für die Band Indian Air habe ich diesen "Behind the Scene" Clip produziert!
Relaxing! Crossover-Jazz! BOOM!

EastEnd (2017)

Kunstinstallation als Musikvideo zu super crazy Sound.  Fusion vom feinsten!

Bonetti (2016)

Funky Live Clip mit 5 geilen Typen! Da geht was weiter!


The Mugwumps (2015)

Neue Platte, neues Video. Punk-Style und deshalb  bin ich auch froh, dass wir es ein paar Meter aus dem Proberaum raus geschafft haben!

Magnyfix (2012)

One Take... Feiner Sound, feine Menschen, feiner Dreh!

Insanity Alert (2014)

Live, viel Bier, voll in die Fresse!